Servers Administration

Web Development & Network Consulting (WDNEC) is providing services of servers administration and management. we are highly experienced with LINUX Servers. we are friendly with CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and all its flavours.
our clients in server administrations are


and many more.  One of our major area of server administrations are cloud based  servers, we have a hands on experience on creating our own load-balancer to distribute traffic to all server at peak time of the site.

we are monitoring the servers with different open source monitoring tools.

  • Munin
  • Monit
  • MMonit
  • Nagios
  • Newrelic (racksapce)
  • etc….

Optimizing server with load we are friendly with apache benchmarking testing and measure server load for concurrent users.

we are using various methods to secure the servers, IPtables firewalls, failtobain etc.

All to summarize here.

  • we can manage your Dedicated, shared, contolpanel, plesk, ISPConfig111, Cloudebased infrastructure (rackspace, amazon, xyz). very efficiently.
  • we can monitor your server 24/7 with 0% downtime, 100% insure.
  • All you have to tell us about your application and we will design network, how efficiently it will work and will be optimized.
  • we can secure your servers from DDOS attacks, unauthorized access to the server, logging time stamp of each and every activities.
  • we are here to support you for your best performance and we can complete your business with servers technologies.
  • we can make your mind free of thinking about server stuff and downtime, attacks and unauthorised access to your data.

what we are claim we can prove any time. we are open to everyone, feel free to contact us. 

we will be happy to assist you.